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New Blogspot for Niclasens

> From: Liz Niclasen
> Subject: New Blogspot for Niclasens

> Received: Friday, June 27, 2014, 9:15 AM

> Hello Dear Friends,
> Greetings once again from the Philippines!
> As most of you know our blogspot about our life in
> England has come to an
> end, although it is still online. (www.ragnarandelizabethniclasen.blogspot.com) >
> In fact, the name was even changed to ‘Elizabethian
> Essays’ so we could use the
> name ‘Niclasen’s Notebook’ for our new blog
> about our continuing journey with
> the Kankanaey. (www.rockyandlizniclasen.blogspot.com)
> We welcome all of you to have a peek at our new blog
> anytime over the next
> few years. However, unlike our British one, which was open > for the public to
> read, our Filipino one will be by invitation only. So if you > are interested in
> reading it, could you please let us know, and we will be
> glad to add your name
> to the reading list.
> Love,
> Ragnar (Rocky) and Liz


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Ministry Change

— On Fri, 10/12/12, Liz Niclasen <liz_niclasen@ntm.org> wrote:

Dear Friends in Fall River,

When God lead us to move to England in 2008, we thought at that time that this would probably be our last big move and ministry change. We feel we have settled in well here and really have been enjoying our ministries – especially time with the students who are in training to ‘carry the torch’.

However since we were in the Philippines this past February, we feel that God has been speaking to our hearts about returning there and helping to provide Curriculum for the Kankanaey believers. God spoke to both of our hearts through many people, in several locations, showing us the HUGE NEED. When we were visiting in Lenga (the tribal village where we lived for several years) the believers told us they felt like orphans. They would love to have help with material to teach so that they could grow in their walk with the Lord, and also teach others.

When we were in Baguio (the closet city to our tribe) where many Kankanaey live, a young man from our tribal area, who is there planting a Kankanaey church, begged us to come back and help him.

When we were in Manila and spending time with a fellow Filipino missionary who had been in the Kankanaey tribe with us, he told us WHEN we come back he would resign from his job there and go back with us. We noticed he didn’t ask us IF we could come back, but told us ‘WHEN’ as if that was defiantly in the plans. This was before the subject had even come up.

The thought seemed to be with us 24/7. When we mentioned it to our leaders, coworkers, friends and family, we were only met with positive responses. EVERYONE encouraged us to do it.

Well this is just a brief summary of our present change of direction. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to write and ask. We really want to see you before we begin that journey back to Asia. Right now it looks like we could make a trip to Nova Scotia in March. We trust it will work out for us to see all of you then, and we will be happy to share all the details in person.

Thanking you for your support and prayers as we continue on.

Rocky and Liz

thanks for praying for us in South Sudan

— On Fri, 10/19/12, Christiane Fox <christianeinsudan@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Everyone…

You’ll find attached the current (all be it late) issue of ‘Praying
and Praising for South Sudan’. I hope you are blessed to hear what
the Lord is doing over here, and find much fodder for prayer inside.

I’m finding myself shocked now fast this last segment ‘in’ has been
going, and am now only looking at 3-4 weeks left before I head to
Nairobi again! Where does time go? Soon it will be Christmas, then
I’ll be neck-deep in preparations for another Spiritual Life
Conference, and going through the last FEW months before I leave for
my home assignment! Woah nelly! 🙂 Anyway there is much to look
forward to, and much to do!!! 🙂

I’ve been so grateful to have you as part of my team, upholding before
our Great God the needs and cares of the work here in South Sudan.
Please don’t grow weary in doing good… we will remain in constant
need of your prayers 🙂 I’m started to get excited already about
coming home to tell you in person about all the Lord has been doing…

Much love to you all, and as always, I love hearing from you – your
news, joys, and trials, if you have the time, and desire to share with
me 🙂



Bolivia Bulletin

From: Schulz <sumajorko@gmail.com>
Subject: Bolivia Bulletin
Received: Thursday, August 9, 2012, 3:31 PM


We are pleased to send you our latest newsletter.


Jurgen & Wendy Schulz

Casilla 3-12378,
La Paz, Bolivia


Sudan & South Sudan in need of your prayers :)

From: Christiane Fox <christianeinsudan@gmail.com>
Subject: Sudan & South Sudan in need of your prayers 🙂
Received: Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 9:29 AM

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from Nairobi! I’m attaching for you the next Prayer &
Praise Guide… you’ll find a few ‘updates’ on what I am and have been
doing, as well as some general information about current challenges
and struggles that we as a team are facing, and of course, a plea for
you to joins us and uphold us in prayer 🙂 I do hope you know how
valuable your support in this way, to me, to the team here, and to the
Mabaan, really is. Often… OFTEN, the Mabaan ask me to ask YOU guys
to be praying for them. Although you’ll likely never have the
opportunity to hear it from their own lips… THEY are thankful and
blessed by your ministry before the Throne on their behalf 🙂

I pray that this email finds you well, encouraged in what the Lord is
doing in and around you, and that it will motivate you to ‘keep on’ in
today, for the hope of what is ahead… Eternity with our Savior 🙂

As always, I’d love to hear from you if you have time to drop a line,
and fill me in on what’s happening in your corner of the world… I’ll
do my best to reply… eventually 🙂 But will so appreciate hearing
from you if you desire to say hi 🙂

Thanks again.
Much love.



Flood Update


From: Patrick Hobbs <hobbspatrick@gmail.com>
Subject: Flood Update
Received: Saturday, August 11, 2012, 11:28 AMDear Praying Friends,
Please read Fred’s latest letter (attached) about the floods.
Thanks for praying.
God bless you.

Flood in Philippines- urgent prayers-